The key deliverables of NES are:

  • Profiles describing business processes and scenarios based on a common application of UBL applicable for both domestic and cross border trade. Each profile documents a context specific use of the UBL constrained by business rules and recommendation for the use of the relevant UBL documents. The Profile Definitions are a key normative documentation of NES.
  • Profiled Message Definitions based on a common subset of the UBL XML documents (the NES Document libraries) and common components (the NES Common Library) reflecting the needs expressed in the profiles. The Profiled Message Definitions are a key normative documentation of NES. A document describing the NES Information Model Architecture is also available.
  • General guidelines and code lists for the use of UBL within NES. These documents should be considered as a normative part of NES.
  • Validation tools in the form of restricted XML Schema and Schematron files in order to support implementation and run-time validation.

Versions of NES deliverables

Information on the strategy for maintenance and release of the NES deliverables may be found here.

  • The current version on this website is version 2
  • The basic information on version 1 of the NES deliverables are available here.


NES would like to thank GEFEG for providing tools and support in the production of the NES deliverables.


The following is a list of some relevant presentations of the NES project: