Previous versions

Version 1 of the NES deliverables

This page contains the complete package of information about version 1 of the NES deliverables.


The NES Profiles are normative descriptions of business processes and scenarios based on a common application of UBL within NES. Each profile documents a context specific use of the UBL constrained by business rules and recommendation for the use of the relevant UBL documents. An overview of profiles applicable within NES is also provided. The Profiled Message Definitions use within each profile are based on a common subset of the UBL XML documents and common components reflecting the needs expressed in the profiles. A document describing the NES Information Model Architecture is also available.

All profile descriptions as a zip-file.


Normative documents that provides guidelines and explanation on how to use and interpret certain aspects of UBL.

All guidelines that relate to the NES1 version can be downloaded as a zip-file

Code lists

Normative Code Lists and Identification Schemes for use within NES.

Validation Tools

Informative validation tools in the form of restricted XML Schema and Schematron files.