Tools and guidelines

NES Guidelines

The NES Guidelines are a normative part of NES that provides guidelines and explanation on how to use and interpret certain aspects of UBL.

NES has currently published guidelines for:

Allowance Charge pdf
Data Format pdf
Delivery pdf
Delivery Terms pdf
Exchange Rate and Currency pdf
Party pdf
Payment Means pdf
Payment Terms pdf
Signature pdf
Tax pdf
UUID pdf

The full set of the current version of the NES guideline documents may also be downloaded as a zip-file.

NES Code lists

The NES published specification of Code Lists and Identification Schemes is considered a normative part of NES.

The most current version of the NES Code Lists and Identification Schemes document may be downloaded from here.

NES Validation Tools

To support implementation and validation NES is providing informative validation tools in the form of restricted XML Schema and Schematron files. These validation tools may assist in the validation of the restrictions imposed in the NES Profiled Messages.

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